The first European ‘owl-bar’ in London

In un 'fokurou cafè'

In a ‘fokurou cafè’

Socialization is essential for living. But nobody says that it needs to exist, compulsorily, between two human beings. In London is opening the first European bar where customers, rather than socialize with other people, can get acquainted with owls. The pub, dreamed by Harry Potter’s lovers and those who want to establish a contact with this lovely creature, will be inaugurated on March 19th, in the district of Soho.

In addition to the graceful owls and the waiters, there will be a falconer. To ensure greater security, was assured that all owls, guests of the bar, are used to live with humans. An entrance to ‘Annie the owl’, the name of the bar, will cost 20 pounds (about 27 Euros) with two cocktails included.

A unique and original idea, whereas this is not the first time that the British capital organizes meetings between people and animals in front of a glass of wine. Indeed, in London already exists the ‘cat-bar’, where customers can enjoy a drink face to face with cats.

These interesting initiatives, known in Europe only in the UK’s capital, in other parts of the world are already famous. Since many years, in Japan the ‘owl-bar’ is depopulating, under the name ‘Fukurou cafe’ (‘フ ク ロ ウ カ フ ェ’). In these pubs customers can see, pet and get to know the cute little owls (see photos). An innovative idea to find again the nostalgic touch with nature, researched less and less by our species.

– Read the Italian article:

Il bar dei gufi in Giappone 1

The owls’ bar in Japan

Il bar dei gufi in Giappone 2

Il bar dei gufi in Giappone 3

Il bar dei gufi in Giappone 4


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