The shutdown after the storm

The churche's bell in Camaiore

The churche’s bell in Camaiore

After the furious wind storm that struck last night and this morning on the peninsula, with particular intensity in Tuscany, comes the showdown. It has been a tiring day, heavy for most people damaged by the fury of the wind, which reached 150 kilometers per hour. Struggling with the removal of debris from their homes and from the streets, citizens have rolled up their sleeves, as usual. As, recently, is happening too often. It was a hard day for those who have seen their wrecked car, for those who, upon awakening, found their gardens upside down and all those who have had to wipe out tiles, now crumbled, which until a few hours before made part of a roof.

This time the bad weather brings along with it, in addition to things, even two lives: that of a woman of Urbino overwhelmed by a tree and that of a man in the province of Lucca, crushed by a boulder inside his car. In Milan’s province, a man, seems because of a strong gust of wind, lost the control of his bike and ended up on the hood of a truck that hit him. Fortunately, the 200 skiers trapped in Val Gardena are safe.


In Versilia there are four wounded, even if anyone is suffering serious injuries. Now, we’re counting the huge damages. Tuscany will need tens of millions of euro to be rebuilt, although, at the moment, establish an approximate amount of the damages is very difficult. The regional president, Enrico Rossi, has announced that he will soon sign a state of emergency to allow the start of the most urgent works in the mayors of the municipalities destroyed by the storm. In many homes in Forte dei Marmi, Camaiore and Pietrasanta, still lack electricity. The electrical national energy’s central (Enel) has ensured that the service will be restored as soon as possible, a matter of a few hours, except for some houses in the suburbs, where the wait can last for a few more hours. As for plants aquifers, in some areas of Lido di Camaiore, Marina di Pietrasanta and Forte dei Marmi, it was necessary to install generators substitute to avert water’s lack. Schools will remain closed also tomorrow in Pietrasanta, Forte dei Marmi and Seravezza.

in Pietrasanta

in Pietrasanta

From today the view outside some doors in certain areas is completely different. Tragi-comic is the bell tower of the church ‘Santa Croce’ in Camaiore, which came off and stuck in the roof of the church itself. Less comic have been the moments in which the high voltage cables tore up. Where before there were tall and lush pines, now there are leaves and debris of trees attending to sweep away. Some families had to move from their houses, waiting to rebuild the roof, now totally dismantled. The pine forest of Marina di Pietrasanta is nonexistent no more. Instead of vegetation, there are cut logs, uprooted plants, shrubs, leaves and dry pine cones. You can’t pass in many of the main roads because of trees that obstruct the passage. An unrecognizable Versilia, razed, as after the outbreak of a bomb or the end of a conflict. This old and beautiful territory, today, doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

The following photos have been all recovered from the most popular social networks:

a Pietrasanta2

in Pietrasanta2

a Pietrasanta3

in Pietrasanta 3

a Pietrasanta4

in Pietrasanta 4

A Pietrasanta5

in Pietrasanta 5

a Pietrasanta6

in Pietrasanta 6

a Pietrasanta7

in Pietrasanta 7

a Pietrasanta8

in Pietrasanta 8

A Pietrasanta9

in Pietrasanta 9

You can read the article also in Italian: La resa dei conti dopo la tempesta


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